This Reddit thread is dedicated to the worst-ever Pornhub parody titles

Behold this obscure Reddit thread from 2018 which is solely dedicated to the worst-imaginable Pornhub parody titles ever created.

Recently we delved into the brilliance of The Simpsons porn parody (aka the biggest celebrity sex tape on the internet), and now it’s time to shine a light on the very backbone of Pornhub parodies: their titles.

In an obscure (ish) corner of Reddit lies a thread dating back to 2018 which is dubbed, “Movies that should not have had a porn parody version”.  And whilst said thread only has a mere 50 upvotes, let me tell you, this does not at all reflect its content.

pulp fiction porn parody title

Pornhub parody titles have long been a source from which creativity springs. Take Tits A Wonderful Life for example, or American Booty. Then there’s Ass Ventura Crack Detective or even The Da Vinci Load. Or, if none of those takes your fancy, what about a simple Pulp Friction or a bit of Saturday Night Beaver? The point is, there’s a lot to work with. And these titles are dripping with imagery.

Yet what about those movies which simply should have never been porn-ified? Titles which should never have been thought up in the minds of the (creatively) frustrated geniuses who conceived them?

Well, this small but mighty Reddit thread has you sorted. Starting things off, TheGeorge asks the burning question:

pornhub parody titles

And boy, does he open a can of worms. Diving in headfirst, wheezythesadoctopus forever tarnishes everyone’s favourite childhood dog movie:

Now if there’s any place you don’t want to go to after bestiality, it’s definitely the holocaust. So, of course, that’s exactly where things go:

pornhub parody titles reddit

And one more:

I mean not that there’s anything wrong with ’80s movies having porn parodies, but I guess Ferris Bueller isn’t exactly the hot ticket for a porno:


…and then we’re back to animals:

And now in the territory of childhood dreams being ruined:


And finally, there’s even something for ’90s Al Pacino crime drama fans:

Anyway, this is Reddit – what did you expect? To see the rest of the thread, head here.