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Watch Barkaa perform ‘Let Them Know Something’ Live at Enmore

Barkaa Let Them Know Something

Sydney’s Barkaa was the most recent guest at the Live at Enmore studios. Travelling solo, she still managed to fill the space with energy and intense emotion with her blazing performance of Let Them Know Something.

2020 has been a breakout year for the rapper, with her recent track For My Tittas announcing this fresh and fierce new presence on the hip hop scene. She brought all that swagger and then some to her session at the Live at Enmore studios. Barkaa, Let Them Know Something, Live at Enmore

Barkaa was the most recent guest at the Live at Enmore studios. Check out the energetic and empowering performance of her new track, Let Them Know Something.

Before stepping up to the mic, Barkaa explained the message behind her new song:

This song is about my people’s empowerment, also the injustices that are going on and the anger that we feel inside of us. Just raw emotion.”

Check out the performance below:

Barkaa will be performing alongside fellow Live at Enmore alumni L-Fresh the Lion at his South West album launch on July 30.

Let Them Know Something is yet to be released, but keep up to date with Barkaa news via Facebook and listen to her recent tracks on Spotify.



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July 10, 2020

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