Flashback: Watch San Cisco perform ‘Skin’ Live at Enmore

In celebration of our upcoming Live from Happy Vol. 1 release, we’re taking a look back at one of our favourite Happy Sessions: San Cisco performing Skin.

In 2019, the Perth rockers came through the Live at Enmore studio. They dished up a cruisy, retro-tinged slice of pop with what at the time was San Cisco’s latest single, Skin.

The band had long been favourites all over Australia and gave a performance filled with themes of bittersweet heartbreak delivered with a side of irresistible grooves and melodies.

San Cisco 2022
Credit: Press

For only four people, San Cisco conjured up a rich palette of sounds, with the chimes of the Fender Rhodes and pitch-perfect vocals laid on top of solid rhythms from the drums and bass.

Reflecting on the song, frontman Jordi Davieson said: “Skin is about unrequited love, heartbreak and when you get dumped, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Watch our flashback Live at Enmore below.