PREMIERE: Love is an addiction on Gabriella Zauna’s steamy new single ‘Silhouette Silhouette’

Gabriella Zauna heads to steamy club corners on pulsating new single Silhouette Silhouette.  

Gabriella Zauna has delivered an ode to reciprocal love on Silhouette Silhouette, a bouncy dark-pop gem that serves as the LA singer-songwriter’s latest single.

Opening with atmospheric synths and pulsating beats, the track rightfully forefronts Zauna’s enrapturing vocals, delivered in a whispery yet commanding timbre reminiscent of Billie Eilish.

Gabriella Zauna single 'Silhouette Silhouette'

The influence of Eilish, and in particular her song Oxytocin, is felt all throughout Silhouette Silhouette, which is not to say the track is without its own distinct sound.

While Zauna treds the territory of intimate dance rhythms with poppy finesse, she also brings unique flairs to the single that make it altogether her own. 

Gabriella Zauna single 'Silhouette Silhouette'

In between bewitching distorted backing ad libs and panning vocals, Zauna adds further texture in the form of Middle Eastern drum patterns and the sultry rhythms of Afrobeats.

It’s within these unique flourishes, not always heard on mainstream pop, that Silhouette Silhouette transcends cliched trappings to become something more enriching. 

Zuana’s acrobatic range slinks around the elastic R&b grooves, making the single feel more brooding and meditative as opposed to overly sugary.

The beauty of Silhouette Silhouette lies in its simplicity. With a brisk runtime and sparse production, the track saunters by with the seductive energy of a stolen kiss, never overstaying its welcome and knowing exactly where its strengths lie. 

Gabriella Zauna single 'Silhouette Silhouette'

To command the microphone and production is one thing, but Zauna further enriches the track with a clear knack for storytelling.

Sketching an evocative portrait of a steamy first encounter, the singer has a flair for ear-catching turns of phrase, likening a fling to the addictiveness of a cigarette. 

“It is about gaining trust and comfort with your partner,” Zauna explained in a press statement. “Allowing the person you love to feel the love they have allowed you to feel.”

Gabriella Zauna single 'Silhouette Silhouette'

It’s the kind of lyrical vulnerability you’d expect from a pop singer ten years’ her senior, but Silhouette Silhouette is especially impressive given Zauna’s young age. 

At just 19-years-old, the singer-songwriter and producer has proven herself well beyond her years with Silhouette Silhouette, which adds to an already stellar catalogue since her 2020 debut.

With her just-released track as evidence, it’s clear Zauna is just getting started. Listen to Gabriella Zauna’s new single Silhouette Silhouette below. 

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