Spence Paull takes us on a romantic journey with latest single ‘Bergamo’

Spence Paull makes falling in love feel like someone just spiked your chai latte with a shot of ecstasy and a dash of Pixie dust.

When you fall in love, it’s like the ultimate sonic orgasm for your heart, with the bass and treble frequencies of your emotions perfectly in sync. It’s like your favourite artist dropping the greatest album of all time, but instead of just a momentary high, it’s a perpetual state of euphoria that keeps on giving. And that is precisely what Spence Paull has delivered.

Canadian singer, songwriter, and producer Spence Paull is making waves in the pop music scene with her latest single, “Bergamo”, which is already receiving attention from notable publications and platforms like Plastic Magazine, Indie Top 39, and POPMUSIK.

Spence Paull

In a world where pop music can often feel manufactured and soulless, Canadian singer, producer, and songwriter Spence Paull is a refreshing breath of authenticity. With a distinct sound that draws inspiration from a range of musical genres, Spence’s latest single, “Bergamo”, showcases her raw talent and ability to capture the essence of falling in love.

But Spence’s journey to “Bergamo” wasn’t a conventional one. After chatting with a woman online for six months, she took a leap of faith and flew from Canada to Italy to finally meet her. The result? A whirlwind romance that inspired the heartfelt lyrics and unique sound of “Bergamo”.

Spence’s background in music is just as intriguing as her love story. Beginning at the young age of eleven, she trained with Juno Winner, Angela Kelman of Farmer’s Daughter, before pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and earning a Choral Scholarship with the prestigious University of King’s College Chapel Choir under the leadership of six-time Grammy Winner, Paul Halley.

With a string of single releases planned for 2023 and her debut EP, “Dear Mistress”, in the works, Spence Paull is a rising star to keep an eye on. Her ability to infuse her music with both technical skill and raw emotion is a testament to her talent and passion for the art form.