Spencer Spark offers a sonic sugar high on invigorating new single ‘Wake Up’

Spencer Sparks’ new single “Wake Up” is the perfect tonic we all need, with an irresistible vocal riff and kooky vocals reminiscent of The Fiery Furnaces and Metronomy’s synth magic. Get ready for a wild ride of indie goodness that’ll leave you craving for more!

Spencer Spark has released Wake Up, an invigorating ditty that serves as the Sydney singer-songwriter’s second single of 2023. While the track is bound by groovy 808 drums and an overall 80s aesthetic, what Spark does in between these throughlines is anything but predictable, with the single offering what can only be described as a sonic sugar high — the kind of earworm that will perk up your morning commute and then some.   

Hooked around catchy vocal ad libs and an infectious bassline, Wake Up sees Spark stress the instruction of its title, singing atop sparse, bouncy production of the need to “to wake up [and] shake up.” In true Spark fashion, it’s the signature kooky vocals that shine on Wake Up, as the singer’s punchy delivery and repeated riff make for a truly invigorating listen — to the point where you’ll be echoing “bum bum bum” hours after the song’s final moments.

Spencer Spark 'Wake Up' single

While there’s undeniably a bubblegum confection to the single — complete with shimmering synths and doo-wop melodies — that’s not to say that Wake Up is devoid of substance. Inspired by a passage from Oliver Twist, the lyrics of the track serve as a wake-up call around ridding oneself of distractions, being present, and appreciating all the “glitter in the air.” 

Squeezing such meaningful lyricism into production that could seemingly be at home on a Wes Anderson soundtrack is no small feat — but it’s perhaps to be expected from the zany creative vision that is Spencer Spark. Serving just as much of a tonic as the single itself, Wake Up is accompanied by an official music video, which sees Spark sport neon-coloured legwarmers and inspire her mother to join an aerobics class. 

Spencer Spark 'Wake Up' single

Directed by Oliver Brighton, the clip follows Spark from the sheen of a retro television to the halls of a gymnasium, complete with energetic choreography and enough colour to rival a kaleidoscope. Inspired by the visuals, Spark will launch the single with a one-of-kind retro aerobics class at Petersham Bowling Club on April 22. The event will be soundtracked by the single, and will no-doubt mark a fittingly unique launch for the vibrant Sydney musician.

The single launch will be hosted by the 80s-inspired and Jane Fonda-indebted aerobics masters Retrosweat, and will see Spark joined throughout the event by comedians, dancers and DJs. “It was important to me to create something new and exciting,” Spark said of the launch in a press statement.  “I also want to bring that high-energy nostalgic vibe from the music video to life.

Wake Up follows Springboard as the second single to be released by Spark this year. Elsewhere, the singer released her debut album Physical Culture in 2018, and the follow up EP Space Girl Spencer in 2020. Put a much-needed spring in your step with Spencer Sparks’ new single Wake Up below, and head here to find tickets to her upcoming single launch.