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Take a crash course in the last 25 years of French electronic music, from Daft Punk to Air to Cassius

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french waves

French Waves is a brand new immersive multimedia experience that explores the history of French electronic music from the last 25 years. It comes in four different parts: a web series with with ten different French artists who share their stories and talk about how they created their tracks, an immersive website, a live tour and an hour-long doco on the history of French electronica, which you can see below.

french waves

Take crash course in the last 25 years of French electronic music – from Detroit to Daft Punk to Air to Cassius – thanks to French Waves.

From the site:

“Julian Starke’s documentary offers a take on French electro from the younger generation’s perspective. He tracks down the American roots of techno and house music, brings the era of illegal raves to life, and tells the extraordinary tale of French Touch, a music style that has played a pivotal role in the recognition of electronic music throughout the world.

Most importantly, he showcases the newest wave of French artists, exploring how the heirs of this modern history are making it their own.”

Check it out below via The Scene.

Be sure to check out the French Wave website below to dive into the full experience, it’s pretty amazing.


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April 10, 2017

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