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The Cat Empire – Steal The Light

Continuing with their tradition of exploring the the wide world of music and incorporating the bits and bobs they liked best, The Cat Empire have released their eagerly awaited fifth album Steal The Light.

The Cat Empire

The Cat Empire as their cat identity suggests, finds themselves attached to you with their friendly jazz/pop demeanour– you just can’t shake them off if you tried.

They’ve taken it back to what The Cat Empire are all about too, using all sorts of weird and wonderful influences to create an album that makes you dance; Steal The Light:

“Showcases beautiful melodies born of all different cultures and dynamic rhythms oozing with colour.” – Tone Deaf

The AU Review bemoans the fact The Cat Empire have yet to break the Triple J barrier, who it appears are deciding what is “hot or not” in Australian music these days. But the Melbourne-based band have their own hard earned popularity and appeal that sets them apart and gives them an enduring quality; and Steal The Light is another album to add to their ever-growing melting pot of gorgeous sounds.

“Steal The Light is a brilliantly diverse yet cohesive album which succeeds exceedingly well when it comes to creating a great dance vibe; it’s an album that demands to be heard live. There are few, if any, weak songs – a testament to the passion and effort that is obvious in everything The Cat Empire does.”The AU Review

The Cat Empire are currently touring up and down the Americas but will be back home in September. Starting with a show in Adelaide on the 6th and roaming all over until their final Aussie show on the 29th, after which they’ll be off to the UK and Europe.




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May 16, 2013