There are a million reasons why you should head to The Gum Ball this year, but here are our top 5

The weather is finally chilling out, and we bet you feel like doing the same. If that’s the case, make sure you head to the 12th instalment of The Gum Ball boutique festival from April 21st to 23rd.

The music lover’s paradise is taking place in pristine bush land of Dashville, Hunter Valley. There are a million reasons why you MUST go to this family friendly fiesta, but we’ve somehow narrowed it down to just 5.

The Gum Ball legacy continues! Dust off your gumboots and get packing, because this 3-day camping festival is for all ages and all souls.

The Lineup

The Gum Ball somehow manages to do the impossible and please everyone with their handpicked lineup of performers ranging across multiple genres.

Shining Bird were #1 on Happy Mag’s top 100 songs of 2016 with their track Helluva Lot. Now the band will be gracing the country stage and bringing down the house…or tent?

Kim Churchill, after playing Falls Festival stages and touring with Billy Bragg, will be returning to The Gum Ball 2017 to showcase his new album. The Funk Hunters, fresh out of Canada, will be showing off their old-school turntable skills.

Hello Hello! The velvety voice from The Cat Empire, Felix Riebl will perform his recent solo record Paper Doors.

With a 30 act lineup, it’s safe to say your dancing shoes will be well worn by the end of the fest.

It’s BYO

No $8 cans of mid-strength here! Need we say more?

The ANZAC Day showcase

On the Thursday night you arrive there will be a special ANZAC day “Heart Starter”, with six stoked acts playing at the exceptional showcase.

The activities

When the live music finishes at midnight, and you’re looking for something else to do, The Gum Ball has got you covered with a late night disco, running over the whole weekend.

There will also be morning yoga, pro skater demos, live artworks, markets, gourmet food, a licensed bar, various workshops and a night time kids centre will be at the event as well. SO MANY ACTIVITIES!!


The polyester geniuses behind Regurgitator don’t get out enough, so when they do it’s not something you wanna miss. We’ve been pretty unashamed of our love for these fellas before, so excuse the drivel but this is a band you just have to see.

Countless millennials found their rebellious streaks listening to Unit in 1997, a boundary-pushing hair raiser of a record and one of the utter classics of 90s Aussie rock. Get amongst it.


You can check out the full lineup here. Grab your tickets here.