Akosia interview 2022

Fresh off the release of Akosia’s debut EP, ‘Black Diamond’, the multi-disciplinary mega talent popped into Happy to talk about her creative process.

Melbourne-based, actor, and singer-songwriter, Akosia is not afraid to step out of her comfort zones, in fact, it would seem it’s the very prerequisite that has led her to experiment with art through her own means; first as a model, then as an actress, and eventually, as a musician.

Shaped by her father’s love of Satchmo, B.B King, and Miles Davis, and centered by her mother’s spiritual heartbeat, Akosia has walked a steady and strong path towards what moves her, and lucky for us at the moment, its music. 

Akosia’s music takes listeners on an eclectic journey of melodic harmonies and meaningful storytelling that explores the reality of life and love.

We had a chat with her about life, her role in Marvel’s Thor, Love and Thunder, conquering anxieties, new music, her knack for getting great producers on board, and the holistic spiritual approach that is embedded in all that she applies herself to.


Akosia’s debut EP Black Diamond is out now, and her gorgeous first single, The Weekend, with a killer video to match.


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Interview by Radi Safi