The Stone Apes discuss their latest single ‘Waste My Time’

The Stone Apes discuss their latest single ‘Waste My Time’

The Stone Apes

The Stone Apes’ new single Waste My Time is a gorgeously groovy tune that’s the perfect anthem for simply hanging out.

The Stone Apes are the newest Aussie indie rockers to take the country by storm.

The five-piece band is made up of Jye Kennedy on vocals, Graydon Kennedy on guitar, Nick Hooper on drums, Ben Thistlewaite on the bass, and Jeremy Titmarsh on guitar.

The fellas have been playing together since late 2020 and already they have treated Aussies to an east coast tour, to support mammoth acts like Wolfmother, Thirsty Merc, Pacific Avenue, Bugs and Bootleg Rascal.

We caught up with The Stone Apes to find out a little more about them.

The stone apes waste my time

HAPPY: I know Jye and Graydon are brothers and you’ve been mates with Nick, Ben and Jeremy for a long time but how is it you all met?

THE STONE APES: Before COVID, we were all in different bands around CQ but when the saucey sneeze hit all music around town pretty much ceased to exist. Don, Jye-na and Hoops wanted to keep the ball rolling, so they started playing gigs at local Rockhampton pubs. This caught the eye of Bassboy Ben Thistlethwaite. Who soon joined the Apes and made it clear that we needed Jezza on the Gat. The bloke’s a freak.

HAPPY: Where did the name ‘The Stone Apes’ come from?

THE STONE APES: When we were first trying to name the band, we were pretty set on calling the band Carramello. But we later fell out of love with the name. We then heard about The Stoned Ape theory on a Joe Rogan podcast. The theory struck a nerve, so we dropped the d and added an s. The Stone Apes – rolls off the tongue a little better.

HAPPY: How is it you ended up supporting such huge acts like Wolfmother and Thirsty Merc?

THE STONE APES: We got lucky enough to get the opportunity through Maroon Events, a local CQ booking agency who have supported us during our time in CQ.


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HAPPY: You guys have only been together since 2020 and you’ve already completed an east coast tour, what was your favourite city to play in?

THE STONE APES: Definitely Sunny Coast was the highlight of the tour! The SolBar crowd really know how to send it.

HAPPY: Weird question but your management’s email address is [email protected]… please tell me you added the ’69’ for a laugh because it certainly made me chuckle.

THE STONE APES: Can’t have an email, without the world’s favourite number.

HAPPY: Your new single Waste My Time sounds like you’re relishing in the idea of doing nothing. Is this something you were forced to get used to in the recent lockdowns or have you always had a knack for chilling out?

THE STONE APES: It’s about Wasting your time but who gives a fuck it’s your time.

HAPPY: Obviously, you’re going to be super busy as festival season approaches but can fans expect a debut album from you any time soon?

THE STONE APES: Negative, don’t think we as a society have the attention span for Albums anymore. So you’ll find us releasing singles and EPs for the time being.

Waste My Time is out now.

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Interview by Chloe Maddren.