There’s a trailer for the new Dragon Ball Z series, and Danny Brown wrote the soundtrack for it – actually…

If you’ve watched the trailer for the new Dragon Ball Z series, Dragon Ball Super, and thought something about it was oddly familar, it’s probably because you’ve heard the soundtrack before.

The trailer for the new series features scenes from season 1 backed by the sounds of Danny Brown’s tune Ain’t It Funny, a cut from his latest record Atrocity Exhibition.

danny brown

There’s a trailer for the new Dragon Ball Z series, and it features a track from Danny Brown’s latest record called Ain’t It Funny.

The particular snippet chosen for the trailer is a moment that features a sample from Pink Floyd drummer, Nick Mason’s solo tune Wervin’, which had been warped and altered in a distinctly Dragon Ball Z fashion by Atrocity Exhibition co-producer, Paul White

If you haven’t watched it, check it out below – the track rolls in around the 40 second mark.

Brown has actually expressed his affinity for the classic anime show in the past when he told a fan on Twitter that if he could be any anime character he’d be Lord Beerus from Dragon Ball Z.

Check out Nick Mason’s tune where the soundtrack was sampled from below.

We see a fruitful collaboration on the horizon….