This might be the most insane homage to David Bowie we’ve ever seen

Watch Dave, the strange and wondrous hour-long tribute to David Bowie from Radio Soulwax.

Belgian producer/DJ cohort Soulwax (who also play under the moniker 2manydjs) are undoubtably best known for their mashups and remixes of tracks from bands like Tame Impala, MGMT, Justice, Klaxons and LCD Soundsystem, but they also made a name for themselves with Radio Soulwax, an experiential website that hosted a series of 24 hour-long mixes alongside visuals akin to what you’d see at a 2manydjs live show.

Radio Soulwax also produced and released videos, created alongside talented teams of filmmakers. One of these is Dave, a tribute to David Bowie released a few years ago. An obscure reimagining of Bowie’s career, the film is a strange and wondrous homage to the Thin White Duke.

In the film, ‘Dave’ is played by the incredible Hannelore Knuts (who really pulls off Thin White Duke-era Bowie) who travels between different rooms in a strange hotel, each which contains a recreation of a classic Bowie record cover, with allusions to different parts of his illustrious career.

A long cast of actors play a range of Bowie’s consorts, from William S. Burroughs to Iggy Pop to Freddy Mercury, and the entire film is backed by an amazing soundtrack from Radio Soulwax, which includes album cuts, rarities, covers and remixes.

Of the film, Radio Soulwax said:

“[This is] our homage to the man whose ability to change whilst remaining himself has been a massive influence on us. There are many legends in the music industry but for us, there is no greater than the mighty Dave.

We’ve included all things Bowie, whether that is original songs, covers, backing vocals, production work or reworks we made, to attempt to give you the full scope of the man’s genius.”

It’s pretty incredible. Long live the Thin White Duke!