Tinyvix flexes in luxury cars on new hip-hop heater ‘Winner’

The pen game is strong for Tinyvix, the Canberra-based musician whose new single Winner pairs infectious braggadocio with uplifting lyricism. 

Tinyvix has released his latest single Winner. Bouncing on an infectious trap beat, the relentlessly catchy single forefronts Tinyvix’s distinct vocals, which acrobatically deliver quick-cadence bars with expert finesse. 

While Winner rightfully spotlights its R&b leanings — from heavy sub-bass to rhythmic snares and kick drums — the single also incorporates a flurry of ear-catching moments not always heard in traditional hip-hop cuts

Tinyvix single 'Winner'

Whether he’s singing melodically à la Sean Kingston on backing vocals or grooving alongside a steady guitar throughline, Tinyvix draws from a diverse palette of sounds without sacrificing the hip-hop elements in which he’s clearly at home. 

Elsewhere, atmospheric synths add texture to the track’s poppy soundscape, affording ample space for Tinyvix to spit bars with rapid-fire ease.

Like any great wordsmith, there’s a braggadocious quality to Tinyvix’s penmanship, as the Canberra-based musician flexes on everything from luxury BMWs to simply “feelin’ rich.” 

Tinyvix single 'Winner'

“I’m goin’ fast like a sprinter,” Tinyvix flaunts in a vocal timbre reminiscent of Playboi Carti, “I want that gold and silver.” While it would be easy for Tinyvix to succumb to hip-hop’s emphasis on ostentation, the musician manages to interweave thoughtful and uplifting messages within his rap-leaning lyricism. 

“If you want, go get it,” he declares in a moment of vulnerability, “believe in yourself [and] you got this, you can make it happen.” Smuggling lyrics of empowerment within an otherwise-flashy trap production, Tinyvix’s songwriting stands as a refreshing change of pace within a genre that too often veers towards superficiality. 

Tinyvix single 'Winner'

Unique moments like this are littered all throughout Winner, from the subtle flair of electronica to the all-too-rare fade-out finish, a once-ubiquitous technique that Tinyvix is thankfully poised to revive.

It’s a testament to Tinyvix’s artistry that such a broad array of sounds and lyricism can fit so seamlessly within a radio-ready banger, but the musician is only just getting started.

Winner follows Omoge as the second single to be released by Tinyvix — known offstage as Afeez Babajide — this year. Elsewhere, the artist shared Incredible and Change Up in 20222, after making his debut with the 2020 single Love It. 

Pull up in the Beemer with Tinyvix’s new single Winner below.