Today you can hear a new Childish Gambino song… in augmented reality

Donald Glover has been playing a new Childish Gambino song at shows for a little while now. Algorhythm has been making the live rounds since September, and was also shared with just a few lucky fans.

But now, thanks to Gambino’s augmented reality app Pharos AR, you can now hear (or build) the song. Downloading the app, chucking in your headphones, and wandering around inside the AR universe, you can hear the song for yourself.


Childish Gambino has a new song that you can build for yourself in his augmented reality app, making this the most extra track drop in history.

In a virtual world with 3D graphics, you’ll be able to point your phone at various neon symbols. These will then unlock different spatialised loops of from the song. The more loops you unlock, the more of the song you hear.

Effectively, by wandering around with your phone or even some fly goggles on your head, you can get access to this track in real time.

Currently, the Pharos AR app is only available on the Google Play store for Android, but an iOS version is in the works.