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Triple One are set to be your new favourite inner-west hip-hop band

Triple One inner west rap [soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/232708081″ params=”color=000000&inverse=false&auto_play=false&show_user=true” width=”100%” height=”20″ iframe=”true” /]

Not everyone is a hip-hop aficionado. The genre is a beast, and finding your footing can be a little tricky when trying to source some of the best local talent. A good place to start for the lay man is Sydney outfit Triple One, who have produced a sound that isn’t even close to falling under the category of generic hip-hop. It’s bouncy, upbeat and houses melodic and infectious undertones.

Triple One Doozy

Are you looking for a place to get into great local hip-hop? Triple One have a fresh sound for your ears, so press play on their EP Doozy now.

The four piece is made up of Billy Gunns, Marty Bukkake Large, Obi III Terrors and Phantom (yep, these are their real birth names, no monikers in place here), and have recently turned heads with their new mixtape Doozy. Firstly, it’s a free five track download, so as a poor uni student, that makes it all the more enticing. Plus, as an added bonus, they have some damn sweet sounds.

We won’t do the band a disservice and try pigeonhole their music via comparisons. What we will say is they have honed in on a sound that is unique and raw, laced with well constructed lyrics and rhymes that are thrown out in such an effortless way, making each tune flow so smoothly.

Each track is busy and filled with layers, which can often end up sounding messy and overbearing, but in this case, each layer is constructed to stand on its own and come together to create a collection of seamless sounds.

The aspect of the mixtape that stands out the most is the diversity of sounds they deliver. Have a listen to Always Right Now, which starts off with a super mellow, drawn out beat. But throughout the song the beat builds, and paired with the layering of vocals that chime in just before the two minute mark the song displays a complexity that is nothing short of alluring.

Jump forward to Sativa, and you’re bombarded with high energy, busy beats and fast vocals about good old Mary Jane. The intensity and fast-paced nature of the song is definitely not something you would expect to hear a stoner mellowing out to mid joint, but who knows, maybe it makes you have a really trippy, acid-like high?

With an arsenal of sounds in their corner, Triple One can manage to convert anyone to hip-hop with Doozy. Be sure to keep an eye on these gentlemen in the future, they’ll be coming through the underground real fast.

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February 22, 2016