Wade through the dark depths of the ‘Twin Peaks’ soundtrack with these synth tutorials

The return of Twin Peaks in nigh. And while we’re all beside ourselves with excitement for the new seasons, it is also an excellent chance to dive back into the surreal glory of the original; in particular the dark magic of the series’ soundtrack.

twin peaks synth

Wade through the dark depths of the Twin Peaks soundtrack with these synth explanations and tutorials from the folks over at Reverb.

The fine people over at Reverb.com have put together two in-depth explorations of the synth sounds from Twin Peaks, one covering the Twin Peaks Main Theme, and the other unfurling the crucial Laura’s Theme. 

As Reverb note, the show’s soundtrack was composed by David Lynch and his longtime musical collaborator, Angelo Badalamenti.

The first video looks at the sounds conjured by synth player Kinny Landrum for Falling – a combination of innovative sampling technology (for that all-important guitar motif), analog synthesis, and the power of two popular synths from the 80s, the Yamaha DX7 and Roland D50.

The second video exploring Laura’s Theme, focuses on those ominous pads and celestial piano sounds that Badalamenti and Landrum harnessed from the D50.

Check them out below (obviously via Reverb).