Watch Men at Work’s Down Under performed on a didgeridoo at Bob Hawke’s memorial

In light of the passing of beloved Labor Prime Minister Bob Hawke, politicians and members of the public alike congregated at the Sydney Opera House to pay their respects last Friday.

A notable feature of the service was the bittersweet orchestral rendition of Men At Work’s Down Underwhich was aptly brought together by a didgeridoo.

bob hawke

The orchestral Down Under arrangement was conflated with a proud projection of Bob Hawke, looking back at the Sydney Opera House’s concert hall.

Featuring the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and William Barton on didgeridoo, a closing number at Hawke’s memorial abruptly shifted into a version of Men at Work’s Down Under to rousing applause.

Check out the performance for yourself below.

Hawkes’ family members provided their reflections on the service. His widow, Blanch d’Alpuget noted during the memorial, “Today, this memorial service marks the transition from the grief of loss to the celebration of a life triumphantly well lived.”

The late Prime Minister’s granddaughter lamented, “Many tributes have been shared today, but truly honouring my grandfather means reflecting on his achievements and applying his values to the future choices we make.”

As we grieve for Bob Hawke, make sure to raise a tinnie of Hawkes’s Lager and say a toast in honour of the great man. There are many lessons that we can adopt from his vision and conduct.