Horror awaits in Withorwithout, the Milla Jovovich-starring new clip from Parcels

Parcels have just scored themselves a video clip featuring mega fan Milla Jovovich for their new song Withorwithout.

And to give things a little more of a twist, the Berlin-based Aussie rockers decided to give Withorwithout a horror movie treatment, stereotypes and all – prepare for gore, slashing and a damsel in distress.

withorwithout parcels milla jovovich

Screams, slashing and gore abound in Withorwithout, which features a stellar performance from Parcels fan Milla Jovovich.

Jovovich has been listening to the band’s “amazing electronic punk” sounds for some time now, and is such a big fan that she’s already name dropped them in a couple interviews.

Withorwithout follows from the the equally bright, feel-good singles Bemyself, Lightenup and Tieduprightnow. Check it out below.

The five piece originally hail from Byron Bay, Australia, and if it wasn’t for music,” according to singer and guitarist Jules Crommelin, they all probably would’ve stayed there.

“We decided to move to Berlin before there was any sort of record company interest, but maybe there was this glimpse of a feeling that we could do something bigger over there.” 

The five piece are also set to return to Australia for four shows next January as part of a worldwide tour – get your tickets here.


Parcels’ debut album is out now.