West Thebarton Brothel Party release their debut single Chemotherapy

West Thebarton Brothel Party – Chemotherapy

Remember those kids we introduced you to a while back? You know, the ruckus music makers from Adelaide that had no recordings, let alone releases, but were still scoring kick-ass support slots? Well, feast your eyes on this. It appears as though the boys from West Thebarton Brothel Party were able to coordinate all fourteen hands for long enough to give birth to their debut single Chemotherapy*, aka a very loud ten pound love child of seven dudes. It’s first word was probably “fuck”, “whiskey” or “Fender”.

west thebarton brothel partySeven piece, Adelaide dwellin’, howlin’ and sweatin’ band West Thebarton Brothel Party have finally released something, their sickass single Chemotherapy.

Front man Ray Dalfsen’s vocals sound like he has seen it all, and give the song a rugged edge on the usual brand of garage rock. It is also widely believed that the concept for the song was inspired by Ray’s job in the medical world. (Yes, these guys are all employed. It shocks me too.)

“Ray’s day job dabbles in the field of health and something to do with radiology. We’ve never really asked him about the song but we seem to think it’s about that. He’s gotta deal with some pretty serious stuff, so it’s not surprising a song has come out of it – but he does have his own way of telling the story.”

The awesome support gigs have obviously continued with Courtney Barnett as their previous and Velociraptor – on the Ramona single tour – as their upcoming. If not purely for the tunes, head along to Adelaide’s new live music venue Pirie & Co Social Club to watch the hilarity of the boys trying to fit on stage. Another single and debut EP are set for release in the coming months, with high hopes of an east coast tour to boot.

Don’t bother keeping an eye on this party, you’ll hear them coming from a mile away.

Have a listen to Chemotherapy on West Theb’s Soundcloud, or download the beast for zero dollars on their Unearthed page.

*We also like their single cover colour choice. Noice, brothers.

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