Want to hear something new? Wrap your ears around the debut single from They Call Me Max

We’re always willing to hear someone who takes hip hop in new directions. Independent, London-based artist They Call Me Max has revealed his debut single Come, a leap away from his past forays into electronic music.

The track is a smoky and moody take on spoken word, set to a glittering piano backdrop.

they call me max

Looking for something new? Introducing They Call Me Max, a striking and genre-bending fusion of hip hop, jazz and classical stylings.

It’s hard to discern what Come is about, but given the overall brand They Call Me Max projects I’m sure this mystery is intentional. That being said, a frustrated kind of love infiltrates every line of Come from the outside in, worming its way into Max’s pained and expressive delivery.

The piano composition undercutting the track could be a fully-formed song on its own, deserving of as much attention as Come in full.

They Call Me Max takes the stage with a full band, so you can be assured the full experience will be granted in a live setting. Given that he sounds straight out of a whiskey-laden New York open mic night, this really should come as no surprise.

Come serves as the first single from Start Small, the upcoming debut EP from They Call Me Max. If you’re liking what you hear, be sure to keep an ear to the ground for what’s in store.


Catch They Call Me Max live:

April 3 – The Gladstone Arms
May 4 – Luna Lounge
May 18 – Paper Dress Vintage