You’ll soon be able to enjoy David Bowie’s music in an immersive live space show

What better way to celebrate the dawn of a new decade than pairing up David Bowie’s spacey sounds with live and immersive visuals of the cosmos?

That’s right, an immersive tribute show is set to be held early next year to celebrate the experimental, space-oriented themes of Bowie’s music between 1969-1971.

This is also the period wherein the 1969 Apollo moon landing (may have) taken place and follows just after the release of Stanley Kubrick’s cult classic space opera 2001: A Space Odessy.

In addition to the immersive live show, England’s National Space Centre will be teaming with fashion and textiles students from De Montfort University Leicester, Loughborough College, and Leicester College. Along with a variety of visual media, students from the universities will be costuming and curating the show as inspired by the lyrical imagery and sounds of the late musician’s intergalactic song narratives.

Audiences can expect to be embedded in a sci-fi space travel adventure soundtracked by songs like Space Oddity and Life on Mars. Perhaps it is impossible to visit the pop-rock icon in musical-heaven, but you just might be lucky enough to find him floating around somewhere in deep space.

The performances are scheduled to take place at the Centre’s Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium in Leicester on January 10 and January 11, 2020. Check out the event link website for more details.