10 bands you’re far better off seeing in a club with Last Dinosaurs

Seeing bands in stadiums, with massive production sets – pyrotechnics and the like – standing amongst thousands of other punters is pretty cool. I saw Sabbath last week and there was no doubt that the enormity of the whole performance was part of its charm. But I couldn’t help thinking man, it’d be way better seeing this in a club.

I suppose this was the thought process behind Last Dinosaurs‘ decision to ditch the theatre circuit that they have grown into over the past few years and go back to their roots; playing small, sweaty, packed-out club shows where the crowd is a little more tangible, and perhaps, the whole experience a little more rewarding.

Last time they were in Sydney they played the Enmore Theatre – a 1,500 capacity venue. For their upcoming Miracle Methods tour, they’ve instead opted for a three shows at Newtown Social Club – a 300 capacity venue. A decision that is pretty fucking cool, for fans and the band alike. Before they kick off the tour, we asked singer / guitarist Sean Caskey which bands he reckons are far more befitting to a club than a stadium – cos for some bands, it just sounds better.

Last Dinosaurs

Sometimes, smaller is better. Before they kick off their Miracle Methods club tour, we asked Last Dinosaurs which bands they reckon would just be way better seeing in a club.

Porcelain Raft

When you’re watching a band in a club you’re 150% more likely to cut a rug in the privacy of darkness. The picture that is painted in my head when I hear this song is myself (or anyone else) doing the bullet dodging dance from the Matrix. But sped up a little. Would be the right move for this song. Laid back.

Drifting In And Out

Mr. Twin Sister (FKA Twin Sister)

I was thinking today about how a band is influenced by the venues they play, and whether their music is suited to their domain. This band is perfect for a club. It just has that tight disco boogie. Some BIG sounding bands like.. Coldplay or U2 wouldn’t fit in a club. Their sound is too enormous and spacious. In the case of U2 playing in a club – the cringe generated would be so strong that a black hole would be formed thus destroying everything.

Bad Street

The Cribs

We managed to catch these guys at a secret show in Bangkok, it was the hottest show I’ve ever been to (temperature wise). It was like being stuffed in a box full of 200 other sweaty people going ape shit. Sweating isn’t much fun but when everyone else is sweating too it makes it ok – more embraceable.

Mirror Kissers


This is just one of those things I wish I could have witnessed….


Green Buzzard

I don’t wanna draw comparisons but when I listen to these guys I am reminded of the romantic desire I had to see The Strokes live in a club. It would have been a great privilege to see. This song is so nostalgic and perfect. I’m gonna go see these guys the next possible chance I get. Garage sounding stuff sounds and feels coolest in smaller spaces.

(I Don’t Wanna) Break Your Heart

The Radio Dept.

This is one of those songs that probably wouldn’t sound that good in open air. So airy and sizzly already, the sonics of it would probably be lost in open space. In a CLUB however, all those washed out guitars would be filling the dance floor with a pleasant haze of pure euphoria as the soothing breathy vocals massaged your neck.

Keen On Boys

The Bilinda Butchers

Something about the way a club sounds and feels in my mind is so charming. I love how the big speakers are so damn close that every snare hit rattles inside your ear drums, and the occasional bass note hitting the harmonic frequency of the room tickles your intestines a little too much. This song i imagine would be like a 3m wave crashing right on top of you and pulling you far out in to the deep seas of emotions.


Zazen Boys

These guys have a rep for being super super tight, I’ve seen videos of them playing in clubs and it looks insane. Seems more like musical acrobatics.


Atlas Sound (with Panda Bear)

Killing two birds with one stone here. I’m a huge fan of Panda Bear and of course Bradford Cox. Watching a great band in a club is like seeing a great comedian in a small stand up venue. There’s just something so special about the intimacy. It feels more like a shared experience between the audience and performer. I imagine seeing these two special guys in a club would be pretty cool.



Again with Bradford. Couldn’t wish for more than to see one of my main men playing at me local.


You can catch Last Dinos on their Miracle Methods tour at the following dates – many are sold out though! Get tickets here.

FRI 20 MAY – Fat Controller – Adelaide, SA

FRI 27 MAY – The Foundry – Brisbane, QLD

FRI 3 JUN – Northcote Social Club – Melbourne, VIC

SAT 4 JUN – Northcote Social Club – Melbourne, VIC (Sold Out)

THU 9 JUN – Newtown Social Club – Sydney, NSW

FRI 10 JUN – Newtown Social Club – Sydney, NSW (Sold Out)

SAT 11 JUN – Newtown Social Club – Sydney, NSW (Sold Out)

This is going to go down a treat at one of their club shows: