14 years after its original release, we finally have a Love Actually 2

Love Actually sequel has been released as part of Comic Relief‘s annual charity event for Red Nose Day.

Although not a full length film, it features many familiar faces such as Bill Nighy, High Grant, Liam Neeson and Keira Knightley, as well as a few celebrity appearances.

love actually 2 comic relief red nose day

Where are they now and who aged the best? The Love Actually cast reunites for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day charity event.

The mini sequel, titled, Red Nose Day Actually, is written by the original screenwriter, Richard Curtis who said, “I would never have dreamt of writing a sequel to ‘Love Actually,’ but I thought it might be fun to do 10 minutes to see what everyone is now up to.”

Along with the cast, it retains many of the original spoofs which made the movie so memorable in the first place such as the classic ‘card scene’ with Mark and Juliet. Of course, the film excludes Harry, played by Alan Rickman who passed away in 2016.

The original 2003 movie became wildly popular (a memorable ‘Christmas movie’ for many millennials) and financially successful, but this time all the proceeds will go to Comic Relief who have already raised  £73,026,234.

The complete film will air to the public on May 25 but teaser clips have been posted on social media and The Sun gave a run down of the story. Here’s what we know so far: Mark ends up marrying Kate Moss (his longtime crush), Juliet and Peter are happily married, Prime Minister David is still dancing (this time to Drake’s Hotline Bling), Jamie and Aurelia now have three children and expecting their fourth while Sam and Joanna plan to get married.

Watch the trailer below.