400 year old pipe samples reveal that Shakespeare blazed it erryday

If you clicked on this article, you’re probably the last one we need to tell about the links between marijuana and creativity. For years, artists have been employing a little bit of the green as a thought enhancer, for better or worse.

In fact, they’ve been doing it for centuries.

william shakespeare weed cannabis pipe samples

That’s right, the seminal creative genius of the English speaking world loved a bit of weed. Your secret is out, Shakespeare.

William Shakespeare, the king of English literature, was a known user of tobacco, marijuana and a derivative of cocaine. Studies from both 2001 and 2015 back up this claim, the evidence being samples gathered from clay pipes thought to have been used by Shakespeare and his peers.

Of the 24 pipe fragments examined in Francis Thackery’s study, one contained nicotine, two harboured evidence of Peruvian cocaine and eight contained traces of cannabis.

So yeah, while your school was warning you about the dangers of marijuana use in year 8, they were also shoving the life work of a weed smoking genius down your throat.

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