Like some kind of stanky Santa Claus, Wiz Khalifa just handed out a bunch of weed to a group of paparazzi

Different celebrities have different strategies when it comes to dealing with paparazzi. Some ignore them, some fuck with them, some get pissed off at them.

Wiz Khalifa gives them free weed.

wiz khalifa kush

Over the weekend, Wiz Khalifa kept a pushy group of paparazzi at bay with an interesting strategy: some huge nuggets of Khalifa Kush.

Pulling out a ziplock bag the size of KFC bucket, Wiz started handing out nugs of his own Khalifa Kush like a twisted Santa Claus at Christmas.

The nosy paparazzi eagerly held their hands out, taking their free samples like ducks at a pond. It can’t be every day they experience that kind of charity.

Watch the full video below. To the end, otherwise you’ll miss Khalfia spinning a filthy three-wheeler around the corner.

Via Hot New Hip Hop.

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