Some of the world’s best DJs are coming to your bedroom, because Boiler Room are launching the world’s first virtual reality venue

One of the biggest heavyweights of electronic music, Boiler Room, has just announced they’ll be opening the world’s first virtual reality venue in early 2017.

Bringing all the joy of sweaty, pinged-up raves to the comfort of your chosen home environment, you’ll soon be able to get close and personal with the world-class selectors they bring in.

virtual reality venue

For years, Boiler Room have been bringing the crowded rave environment to a huge audience. Now, get closer than ever as they bring in their own virtual reality venue.

In a press statement, Boiler Room said: “Most of Boiler Room’s audience is made up of global online users who tune in to watch music events they can’t attend in person. We’ve always been driven by using technology to showcase the music we care about in the most authentic way we can.”

Given that BR videos have long been a killer source of people watching entertainment, this new tech promises a previously unreachable, and potentially uncomfortable level of access to these gigs.

They’ll be teaming up with Inception, a world leader in VR entertainment to bring this project to life.

Watch Sydney’s Dro Carey bust out a lethal BR set from earlier this year below:

Via Dazed.