New York trio Loveletter premiere new single: Prophet

For fans of Kim Gordon, Sleater Kinney and Bikini Kill, New York’s Loveletter channel Riot Grrrl with raw new single ‘Prophet’

Inspired by the 90s post-grunge revolution, Loveletter are looking to be reborn in light of resilience with the first single from their upcoming EP ‘Testament’, slated for release in early June.

With an attitude and sonic sensibility pulled straight from 90s alt-rock, Loveletter are making something familiar and pleasingly nostalgic.

With vocals that could be mistaken for early PJ Harvey, ‘Prophet’ is lustful and full of false illusions.

A thick bass line that matches the verse melody and a staccato guitar line that keeps the track on its toes, offering an uneasy yet alluring energy.

Simple yet intensely tight and effective drums hold a steady backdrop, with momentary fills that pull attention before releasing listeners back into the thick forest of sound.

‘Prophet’ feels like a dirty dive bar in the 90s, wandering hands and a letting loose of inhibitions, leaning into a place of dominance and pure energy.

It’s easy to imagine Loveletter playing a live show, the sweat and grime and relentless hooks that captivate audiences and send them spinning.

It’s that raw, timeless energy that is so seductive on ‘Prophet’, allowing Loveletter to sound as if they have been around for years; transported from another decade with all the trimmings.

‘Prophet’ is dark and twisty, alluring and a little frightening. This dichotomy is addictive and undoubtedly sensual.

The band’s Gabriella Zappia shares: “Every song on this EP is about resilience in its different forms, but ‘Prophets’ in particular focuses on rebirth, awakening, and lust. Ask yourself, ‘beware false prophets’ or surrender and fucking go for it?”

In the same way that PJ Harvey laid herself bare on ‘Dry’, ‘Prophet’ is subtly theatrical, which is one of its biggest draws.

Individually each member of the trio is an expert at delivering exactly what the song needs, as well as harbouring tangible talent.

‘Prophet’ builds and releases, constantly increasing tension before unveiling the other side of the climax, something equally as exciting.

Loveletter are full of promise, and an attitude that doesn’t care either way.

‘Prophet’ leaves behind a desire for more, more, more. Whether that be more tracks, or the chance to see the band covering the sticky floors of a stage.

Bandcamp pre-order for the band’s Testament EP out June 7 is available here.