Kara Bree drops her first track of the year with When You’re Ready

Sydney based R&B singer Kara Bree is choosing herself, and giving up on falling in love with potential on new single ‘When You’re Ready’

Working to sew together her Chilean and Lebanese roots into her already vulnerable project is just one of the major goals on Kara Bree’s agenda.

Admittedly, this is just the start for this Australian singer, with only two previous releases under her belt. Inspired by the likes of Maria Isobel and Elyanna, ‘When You’re Ready’ tackles the age old dilemma of falling in love with what someone could be, rather than for exactly who they are.

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Tackling toxic love, self-worth, situationships and imaginary interactions, Kara places her innermost workings on display.

Relatable and authentic, she resonates with those brave enough to look within before looking to others.

Complexity is what feeds her, and ‘When You’re Ready’ is the result of introspection and a heavy handed reality check.

Sparse piano, distorted vocals that hit so hard when they finally arrive fully, Kara’s talent is apparent within the first few seconds of the first verse.

Subtle and restrained, Kara’s voice takes control, equal parts commanding and raw.

Full of drama and reminiscent of the undeniable H.E.R, ‘When You’re Ready’ is a woman taking back her power, and refusing to loosen her grip on her own self worth.

Sensual and powerful, this track is rich with 2000s R&B sensibility, as well as a more modern take similar to that of Ariana Grande’s recent work.

Kara has a voice that wouldn’t feel out of place on a Drake track, or slotted between Brandi and Normandi on a playlist.

Kara is smart with her lyricism, simplistic yet deeply rhythmically conscious.

‘When You’re Ready’ is a short ride, but an entirely memorable one.

Layered harmonies and soothing vocal production atop subtle and sparse instrumentation leave space for recognition, a moment to breathe in exactly what Kara Bree is offering.

This does not sound like someone at the beginning of the career, but how exciting that Kara Bree is merely dipping her toes.