“Music has always been the point:” Catlea shares the thesis behind her artistry

“When I create music I’m proud of, it feels like I’m fulfilling my purpose,” Catlea tells us of the thesis behind her artistry. 

We’ve gotten to know Catlea a lot over the past few weeks, thanks in no small part to her latest single ‘Lying’. The playful track sees the Cincinnati singer-songwriter get back at an unfaithful lover atop catchy guitar lines and finger-click percussion.

It was the second single to be lifted from ‘Language Barrier’, Catlea’s forthcoming album set for release later this year. 

Catlea single 'Lying'

“The album itself is a variety of different sounds and styles,” Catlea told us an a recent interview, “but it all comes together as a cohesive story.”

Diving even deeper into her creative process, Catlea swung by Happy to shed light on the thesis behind her music. Catch her full insights below, and scroll down to listen to her latest single ‘Lying’

The Music of My Life By Catlea

For me, music has always been the point. It helps me get up in the morning, get through the day, and find meaning I’d otherwise miss in the moments in between the busy events of life. Music creates a space for me where I feel at home.

When I create music I’m proud of, it feels like I’m fulfilling my purpose. Time passes in 60bpm, sometimes in 4/4, other times in 2/4 or 6/8. The tempo never changes. The time signature does. This is how I see life; in beats, scales, chords and progressions.

Everything becomes music if you listen closely enough. To be honest, I am often in a state of monachopsis – the consistent yet seemingly unfounded feeling of being out of place – I have felt this way most of my life.

Since I was maybe 5 or 6, though I could’ve been younger. Music removes this feeling entirely. When I create, or when I am around people who are creating, I feel as though I belong. I want to help others to feel this way.

Catlea single 'Lying'

I want others to listen to my music and feel, even if just for a few minutes, like they belong. I know not everyone feels the same way about anything, but if anyone feels the way about music that I do, I want to help them in the way that so many artists have helped me.

Whatever your form of self-expression, whatever allows you to feel comfortable in your own skin and gives you a sense of belonging, I encourage you to pursue it.

It doesn’t have to be music, it could be another art like painting, writing, digital design, or sculpting. Or, it could be a craft like wood working, home renovation, or needlepoint, whatever brings you peace.

It could be a sport or physical activity, computer gaming, or binge watching Australian mysteries. These are just examples. We’re all different, so find what feels right for you.

Catlea single 'Lying'

For me, music has always been the point. 60bpm, in different time signatures, guiding me through life. I want to make music that helps other people who feel this way to know they are not alone.

Music can fill your soul, and I would be honored to be even a single brushstroke in the paint on that puzzle piece.