Go track-by-track through Nyree Huyser’s debut album ‘Fixing Heads and Chasing Tails’

The Voice alum Nyree Huyser runs us through each song from her debut album ‘Fixing Heads and Chasing Tails’.  

The excellence of Nyree Huyser’s debut album ‘Fixing Heads and Chasing Tails’ was perhaps to be expected, since we’d heard her unparalleled vocal talents during her time on The Voice.

Even with that preparation, however, the singer-songwriter still managed to exceed expectations on the nine-track project, detailing her triumph over adversity with angelic vocal work and a variety of sounds and genres. 

Nyree Huyser 'Fixing Heads and Chasing Tails'

“This album in particular is in fact a raw and exposed presentation of me finding myself as an artist,” Huyser told us in a recent interview.

Taking an even closer look at the album, Huyser swung by Happy to offer a track-by-track guide through ‘Fixing Heads and Chasing Tails’, from the one song that “has a special place in my heart” to others that “represent the beginning stages of my songwriting journey.”

Catch the full track-by-track below, and scroll down to listen to Nyree Huyser’s ‘Fixing Heads and Chasing Tails’.


This is a song inspired by my experience at university. I came from humble beginnings, the first of my family to go to uni.

I felt out of my depth, not good enough, not pretty enough, not popular enough – all the things I thought I had dodged in my high school days.

On one night out with some of my university peers I had an epiphany – in what way were any of these other girls better than me or more worthy to be happy in their own skin? From that moment on I began my journey of self-discovery and self-worth.

Produced by Christchurch-based artist Marley Sola, this uplifting pop track gives off encouraging ‘phoenix from the flames’ type vibes that I hope will inspire others to reach their full potential.

Forever Young

Forever Young, written and performed by Alphaville in 1984 was my last song performed before my elimination from season 12 of The Voice Australia.

After arguably one of the best vocal battles the show has ever seen against fellow contestant (and ultimate Voice winner) Tarryn Stokes, we were both made to “sing for our lives” for a spot in the semi-final.

The Voice Australia was an incredible experience and relit a flame in me that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. This particular song represents that and has a special place in my heart, so it only made sense to include a full version on this album.

I wanted to produce a raw, piano-only track and so I approached my very talented friend and pianist, Andrew Cochrane, who captured the mood of the track perfectly.


Liberate is the first experimental track on this album. Throughout this first year of making music I wanted to experiment with creativity and play with different genres.

Drum & bass music has always given me an immense feeling of freedom so it was the perfect vibe.

The production on this track was put together by Melbourne-based Grammy award-winning beats maker, Apple Juice Kid, who has worked with Jessica Mauboy, Azealia Banks and Mos Def amongst other big names.

This song is based on a past relationship that was exciting and passionate in the beginning but had eventually turned toxic and detrimental for us both.

I was so consumed with being in love with this person that it was impossible to see a future without him. The only way the relationship could end was for him to be the one to walk away – for him to Liberate me.

This is what eventually happened and I couldn’t be more thankful – spoiler alert: follow my journey for a bonus track in the coming months, Thank You (For Letting Me Go).

Worth It

Also produced by Apple Juice Kid, we decided to go back to our millennial roots with Worth It. This song is a celebration of female strength and self-worth, something that I feel I discovered in myself as a young adult growing up in the 2000s.

Inspired by the beat-making mastery of Timbaland and P Diddy (Jennifer Lopez) and graced with soft sensual vocals inspired by the likes of Ashanti and Aaliyah, Worth It takes you back in time.

Gold Dust

When you finally find that one person who will stand by you no matter what, who will support you and your dreams and stand with you in your fears – that is more valuable than anything else in this world.

This is what I found when I met my now husband. Gold Dust is a song about taking a chance on love and finding everything you ever wanted but never thought could be real.

I had this song written and in the vault a few years ago and finally it found its place on this album. The words became even more special to me when I had my 3 children – family is Gold Dust.

This nu-disco track was produced by European DJ Michi Raab, aka TikTok sensation Mike Vallas.

Death of Me

This is the earliest-written track on the album and represents the beginning stages of my songwriting journey.

I had the chance to work with US-based Grammy award-winning producer Dru Castro on this one and was inspired by the vocal and songwriting styles of naughties singer Kelly Clarkson.

Death of Me is an innocent perception of falling for the “bad boy” – an exciting and dangerous relationship where one throws caution to the wind and loves without reservation! A fun and fresh easy-listening pop track.

I Could Never

On my wedding day I was given one piece of advice that has stuck with me ever since – “take it all in, every moment of today, as it all goes so fast and before you can blink it will be over”.

When I wrote this song I thought not only of that day but of how far we have come as individuals, as a couple and eventually as a family and how important it is to savour every day that we still have on this earth.

I got to work with the exceptional Marley Sola again on this track to produce a light but uplifting  tropical pop track.

Picture Book

If they say that music is the soundtrack to your life, then your memories are photos in your Picture Book. “Whether good or bad they all go to show them you were here”.

I wrote the lyrics to this song when I was a young girl trying to navigate my way in the world. Throughout my life I have come to find that everything has a reason, whether it be to build your life in some way to merely a lesson to learn.

We must take the good with the bad, the opened doors and the closed ones, the successes and the mistakes, as they all create the blueprint of your time on earth and every piece of that matters.

So make the most of it as we only get to do it once, take risks, spend time with loved ones and chase your dreams! I worked with a talented young up-and-coming New Zealand-based producer, Liam Crawford on this track.

Garnished with some slick guitar licks by talented country extraordinaire, Phil Doublet, this pop rock track gives off a cool, acoustic energy that hits hard in the chorus.

By The River

By The River is by far my favourite song on this album. It was released as my very first single after appearing on The Voice Australia and has resonated with so many listeners around the globe.

This song is about finding yourself in a dark place with a desire to escape from it and literally crying out for help.

The world can be a difficult and often saddening place and unfortunately when you think you’re back on top of things they can still come crashing down.

However, this is a song about hope and about escape – to the river, to a safe space, to family, to God, to wherever gives you solace in those times, and knowing that the sun will eventually shine again.

By The River was co-written with Marley Sola and recorded live in one take with the talented Steve Lasei on piano in a charming little house facing Burnside Park in Christchurch. We then embellished the track with rich choir vocals to give the song a hopeful gospel feel.