Revel in the revenge of Catlea’s new single ‘Lying’

Cincinnati singer-songwriter Catlea gets back at an unfaithful lover on their simmering and propulsive new single ‘Lying’

Catlea has offered a searing takedown of a former flame on ‘Lying’, the second single to be lifted from the Cincinnati musician’s forthcoming album.

In what becomes a throughline for the entire track, ‘Lying’ opens with a guitar line so infectious and earmwormy you’ll be humming it for days, before introducing finger-click percussion to further enrich the production. 

Catlea single 'Lying'

Drawing from an eclectic sonic palette that pulls from subtle rock, dream-pop and EDM, the track showcases Catlea’s versatility, as bound by their elastic and sensual vocals.

Delivered almost in a whisper, their voice commands attention even amid the textured and diverse production, which later comes to include pulsating trap beats and melancholic guitar licks

Such a wide array of sounds makes ‘Lying’ an infinitely engaging and replayable track, almost purpose-built for a pre-drinks session before a debaucherous night out.

Perhaps the major drawcard of ‘Lying’ is its punchy percussion, which offers a thumping rhythm as Catlea lays bare the toxicity of a former partner. It’s here that their pen provides a razor-sharp message, aimed squarely as an ex who lies and cheats. 

Catlea single 'Lying'

The singer-songwriter paints a picture with unmatched vividness, mentioning the subject’s “stone cold stare” and “empty glare.”

While it’d be all-too easy to recount a familiar romantic revenge tale, Catlea instead twists the story on its head, revealing in the lyrics that they lied to the ex about “cheating on you with my best friend.”

It’s a classic love triangle that showcases Catlea’s knack for storytelling, with evocative characters and sensitivity to the experience of infidelity. 

Catlea single 'Lying'

‘Lying’ is the second track to be lifted from ‘Language Barrier’, Catlea’s full-length album set for release later this year.

The project is a collaboration with Jason Boshoff, a producer who has elsewhere worked with the likes of Ed Sheeran and Bastille. If ‘Lying’ is anything to go by, we’re in for an absolute treat. 

Revel in the revenge of Catlea’s new single ‘Lying’ below.