Whitney Fenimore navigates a long distance relationship on tender new single ‘Call You In The Morning’

“Even though you’re too far away to kiss,” Whitney Fenimore sings on her heartwarming new track, “just know that I’m thinking about it.”

Whitney Fenimore has captured the experience of being in a long distance relationship on ‘Call You In The Morning’, a beautifully acoustic track that marks her second single of the year.

Opening with rustic strums seemingly pulled from a summertime daydream, the track coasts on sparse yet enrapturing guitar melodies, rightfully forefronting the Nashville-based singer-songwriter’s enrapturing vocals. 

Whitney Fenimore

While the single owes much of its blissful simplicity to guitar — which flits from twangy licks to campfire-bound warmth — there are multiple instrumental flourishes that add texture.

Subtle percussion provides the lullaby-like rhythm of the track, while sporadic backing keys add the glittery feel of an afternoon reverie. With the assist of co-writer Zach Berkman, Fenimore creates a sound that’s warm and buttery enough to spread on toast. 

Inviting listeners into a dreamy soundscape is one thing, but Fenimore further enriches the track with tender and vulnerable songwriting.

Whitney Fenimore

Inspired by her own relationship, ‘Call You In The More’ tells a wholesome tale of remaining connected in a long distance relationship, with mentions of opposite time zones, missed calls and dreaming of each other.  

“Even though you’re too far away to kiss,” Fenimore coos on the first verse, “just know that I’m thinking about it.” It’s a heart-warming story of a romance that transcends borders and time zones, and one that is borne from Fenimore’s own life.

“My partner and I dated three years long distance, before tying the knot in 2022,” the musician explained in a press statement. ‘Call You In The Morning’ follows ‘Thin Line’ as the second single released by Fenimore this year.

The singer-songwriter plans to release one single each month in the lead up to her forthcoming EP, which itself will follow her 2022 debut ‘Leaving Ashwood’.

In the meantime, listen to Whitney Fenimore’s new single ‘Call You In The Morning’ below.