5 pieces of gear that would make Wishes’ Christmas wishes come true

The local producer game is a strong one, especially when you have blokes like Wishes cranking out some top notch tunes. The young man has been making music under the Wishes moniker for the last year, but has already impressive impact with his track I Want To Be Alone With You. It’s placed in the Global Viral 50 on Spotify, with the track now cracking over 300,000 streams in a month. He debuted at #8 in the viral Australian Spotify charts (just under Adele, who you may have heard of) and had his debut play on KCRW the other week in the US. Not too shabby mate.

Given his proficiency as a mutlti-instrumentalist and producer we decided to put Wishes on the spot and see what were the five pieces of gear that he absolutely froths on.

Wishes gear list

Take it from one of the most impressive young producers in the game, good gear is the shit. Wishes picks out his top 5 studio toys.

Spectra Sonics 610 Compressor

Although I make electronic music, I’m a big believer of blending drum machines with live drums. We run all our live drums through a Spectra Sonic to give it a cooked sound – it helps the high hats and toms to really sing.

Fender Bassman

My main amplifier is a Fender Hotrod, but if I had the clams I would splash out for a vintage Fender Bassman. A friend of mine owns one and I am constantly borrowing it. Ideal for a big, clean low-end sound, and versatile for both guitar and bass takes.

Grestch White Falcon

I’m a huge guitar nerd – they are my vice and a massive strain on my finances. Of the obscene amount I own my Gretsch White Falcon is my favourite and it is second to none. Untouchable when you need a big, clean, low end sound. Perfection – especially when combined with an aforementioned Fender Bassman.

Mutron Bi-Phase

Oh how I wished I owned a Mutron Bi-Phase. Another piece of equipment that I am constantly borrowing. Great for psychedelic phaser sounds. They are hard to come by in working order, but are an amazing piece of gear. Why have one phase when you can have bi phase.

Digitech Synth Wah Envelope Filter Pedal

A lot of guitarists who are looking for synthy futuristic sounds turn to an EHX POG, however the digitech Synth Wah Filter is not without it’s charm. Sounds amazing when layering guitar takes. Instant Ratatat.

Wishes will be playing his first live shows with Neon Indian next week in Wollongong, so be sure to get to the shows and check him out.

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