Andre 3000 has been spotted playing the flute in public ‘at least a dozen times’

André 3000 boasts a pretty impressive resume not only as one half of Outkast, one of the most iconic rap groups of all time, but also with a successful solo career and even a couple of acting gigs in his pocket.

Now, the rap legend has added becoming a flautist and street performer to his repertoire, as has been spotted walking around public places showing off his skills.

Absolute legend André 3000 has been spotted on numerous occasions walking around in public playing the flute, and it’s the wholesome thing you never thought you needed.

André 3000, bornAndré Benjamin, was spotted walking around Los Angeles International Aiport last month, roaming the terminals while playing the flute. Traveler Antonia Cereijido recognized him, and tweeted a photo with the rapper saying “I saw a man walking around my terminal playing a flute for 40min and was losing my mind because I thought it was André 3000. And then it WAS André 3000!!!” 

Cereijido then tweeted clarifying that André’s flute was, in fact, a Mayan double flute, tweeting that the man who made his flute, Guillermo Martinez, is “doing incredible work by keeping the music if indigenous North American communities alive.”

Thankfully for the whole of humanity, this was only the beginning of André 3000’s public flautist stunts, and since this tweet was posted, he’s been spotted “at least a dozen times” playing the flute around Philadelphia this month.

Taz Ahmed posted a photo of her and a group of friends with the rapper saying: “me and a gang of Muslim activists were getting ice cream after dinner & chatting on sidewalk after the rain – good wholesome fun – when this guy was playing flute around us. And who else plays flute in public wholesome spaces?ANDRE 3000.”

Twitter user Russ Jack tweeted a selfie with André, saying that “his flute game is A-1,” and later added that he said he was filming something in Philadelphia in two weeks, which explains all the fan sightings.


While the flute may seem like a bit of an odd choice for the rapper, he did play the bass clarinet on his latest EP, 2018’s Look Ma No Hands, so it’s not the first wind instrument in his repertoire.