Aquarium live cams have seen a staggering rise in traffic since lockdown

As it turns out, live streams from aquariums have been the thing that’s kept millions of people occupied during lockdown.

Lockdown has left many people reaching for Netflix, books, and even sex dolls to keep themselves preoccupied, and in the most wholesome turn of events, it’s meant that millions of people are watching live streams from aquariums.

There’s nothing like peacefully watching a dugong swim past, or delighting in the thousands of colours that decorate the water at aquariums and fortunately, lockdown hasn’t stopped it. Of course, the physical enclosures are closed thanks to Covid-19, but aquariums have ensured that you can livestream the animals right from your home.

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Georgia Aquarium revealed that there has been a 3000% increase in daily traffic to their webcams since the start of lockdown and the 6.3-gallon whale shark tunnel has been the main attraction. The Monterey Bay Aquarium has ten cams from sea otters to jelly fish, and they’re tranquilly idyllic.

Obviously, the penguin cams have been favourites and Shedd Aquarium even recorded their penguins waddling around the halls at their own leisure in these adorable Instagram posts:

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium has also given us some goods, and their video of Pig the dugong is absolutely adorable:

No matter which way you’re spending quarantine, make sure to check out some of the cams, because they’re truly gorgeous.