As Telstra moves to turn off their 2G network, one Perth man with a 13 year old Nokia is fighting the good fight

It’s been several years since Telstra has sold a 2G phone, and recently they announced that they would be turning the old network off completely. This won’t mean anything to most Aussies – gone are the days of hardy, LCD screen brick phones which we all used to love so much.

In response to Telstra’s innocuous announcement, one Perth man named Oly Gordon has stood his ground against the telecommunications giant.

2g network

With the death of Telstra’s 2G network on the horizon nobody is batting an eyelid except for Oly Gordon, armed only with a 13 year old Nokia 3315.

In a Facebook post to Telstra which has now been liked by over 22,000 people, Gordon shared a heartfelt goodbye to his 13-year old Nokia 3315:

In response to the post, Telstra offered Gordon up something pretty damn special. As the de facto mascot for the 2G Network’s disabling, the company are flying him to Melbourne to push the off button himself.

Via WA Today.