Japanese ingenuity strikes again as real life Mario Kart becomes a possibility

Japan is a country no outsider will ever understand fully. Despite being one of the most technologically advanced civilisations in the world, sometimes it’s hard to tell if their society is so far ahead of the times we can’t even fathom it, or so disillusioned to the rest of the world that they’ve created a monolithic, inescapable social bubble – the Kanye West of countries.

Sometimes they just get things right, and this is the latest example. A tourism country called Maricar has begun offering guided go-kart tours through the streets of Tokyo with a nostalgic twist; the vehicles are customised for maximum Mario Kart, and they provide the costumes. Want to be Yoshi? You can be Yoshi (although everyone knows Toad is the fastest).

real life mario kart

A Japanese company has brought every 10 year old millennial’s dream to life by offering an all-inclusive, real life Mario Kart experience.

The tours run for two to three hours and visit all the major Tokyo tourist attractions like Tokyo Tower and the Shibuya, Roppongi and Shinagawa precincts. The costumes come with the tour, as well as bluetooth communication between your tour mates (opponents).

real life mario kart

The only things you’ll need to make this happen are a valid driver’s license and $100. Unfortunately, you’ll also have to actually be in Tokyo.

real life mario kart happy