Can you solve The Avalanches’ Instagram mystery that has Sydney stumped?

The Avalanches are at it again, creating mystery and downright confusion on the internet with their cryptic Instagram post that teases the possibility of free tickets to their Falls Festival sideshow in Sydney.

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The butterfly logo from The Avalanches’ Wildflower captioned with coordinates and the hashtag #avalanchesgold has sparked a scavenger hunt across Sydney.

This isn’t the first time the Melbourne based group have used social media to tease their fans, with their comeback from a 16-year hiatus being announced through through strung out, enigmatic tweets and Instagram posts.

Okay, so here’s what we know so far. The coordinates they posted are traced to a 1920s themed bar in Sydney’s Darling Harbour called Since I Left You. Makes sense, considering that’s the name of their first album.

But the mystery is still not yet solved. What does #avalanchesgold mean? Where is the butterfly hidden? What does the founder win, or is the journey the reward? So many questions.

To all you budding Sherlocks out there, we challenge you to solve The Avalanches mystery.

We’ve spent a little too much time trying to decode this thing, so help us out on any leads you’ve unearthed.

On your travels, make sure you listen to the groovy tunes of Wildflower to give you some extra luck. Happy Hunting!