Sydney Psych Fest release a mind-blowing first artist announcement featuring two international acts

They say the third time’s the charm, and Sydney Psych Fest have proved it by dropping their first announcement for 2017’s edition. A pair of twin internationals from Beijing join the fray for 2017, giving Aussie psych and noise purveyors a rare chance to glimpse the thriving South East Asian DIY rock scene.

Having spent way too long away from Aussie shores, the blistering live rockers from Carsick Cars will be taking the stage, joined by fellow Chinese supergroup White+.

sydney psych fest carsick cars

Right now, nobody in the world is eating up psych, DIY and noise rock like the Aussies. Sydney Psych Fest III promises to bring the love with a killer first announcement from across the globe.

Carsick Cars are a three-piece rock band hailing from Beijing comprised of Zhang Shouwang on guitar and lead vocals, Alex Turner also on guitars and Wang Xu smashing the drums. Over their massive lifespan they’ve packed clubs across China as well as touring Europe with Sonic Youth. Their hardcore, chord driven style is sure to tear a hole through the collective minds of Psych fest trippers come February.

Shouwang and Xu are also the two members of White+, a hardware-run electronic duo that’s a far cry from the songwriting style Carsick Cars employs. Shouwang met Wang Xu (who previously drummed in The Gar).

While Carsick Cars smash out their red-blooded, noisy rock n’ roll, the sounds of White+ will take you to space on an experimental, atmospheric starship.

Sydney Psych Fest will be taking place on February 25, 2017 at The Factory Theatre. Jump onto the Facebook event to stay up to date, and head here to grab your tickets.