Console forefathers Atari are back in the game, announcing their first new box since 1993

Video game developers Atari have announced a brand new home game console, their first since 1993. And I just realised I’m as old as Atari’s last console.

The Ataribox was originally teased last month at E3, but today the company have revealed a few more details on the upcoming console.

ataribox atari new console 2017

Vintage gaming mainstays Atari have announced their first foray into console production since 1993 with the very flashy looking Ataribox.

Its look was inspired by their 1997 console, the Atari 2600, and comes in two finishes; red (pictured above) and wood. The company plan to ship a number of classic titles as well as current content with the box, so there’s plenty of reason for vintage gamers and new fans to get around it.

Retro Atari played a massive hand in the development and evolution of video games as we know them, bringing the world Pong, the Atari 2600 and a wealth of other gaming gold which set the table for decades to come.

Since their 1993 console they have taken more of a back foot, publishing games rather than producing consoles. Good to have ’em back.

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Via NME.