Musician absolutely nails an imitation of every single 8-bit 90s video game soundtrack

If you’re still rocking a Nintendo 64 – first things first, congratulations. Whether or not yours is still ticking, the sounds of those early video games are likely stuck in your head for all eternity. They were simple, they were analogue, and they were damn catchy.

Most importantly, they take us back to the good times, when the biggest worry we had was how to solve the next puzzle, how we could beat the next boss, and how long we could stay on the ‘idiot box’ before our mums told us to go outside.

video game sountracks

Straight out of The Legend of Zelda or Super Mario 64, a Youtube musician has perfectly replicated all the clichés from your favourite 90s video game soundtracks.

Youtube user SethEverman runs us through every classic facet of the 8-bit years: the credits song, the feared water level soundtrack, and even the cheeky little sounds you get when starting a game up.

It really goes to show how a certain type of music can set the mood, not just in a game but anywhere. The same kind of mysterious, wavy music you hear in Ocarina of Time’s water temple can’t be too far off from how a movie would handle the same situation, and drippy, psychedelic music often goes for the use of a watery theme in music videos.

Check out another sweet vid from the muso below, playing Coldplay’s Vida La Vida in a medley of different styles:

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