Bring Me The Horizon trashed the shit out of Coldplay’s table at The NME Awards

Bring Me The Horizon played at The NME Awards overnight and absolutely slayed the table Coldplay were so contently sitting at.

Ollie Sykes

Band frontman Oli Sykes stormed the table while performing Happy Song, breaking champagne bottles and glasses, ultimatley causing the table to break and collapse. Coldplay appeared to be good sports about it, with Chris Martin saying “It was great, very rock n roll”.

According to NME, Sykes continued with the antics during their performance, where he reportedly “Slammed their microphone into the ground with such force that the entire auditorium thought the building was starting to crumble.” 

Hopefully the band will bring the same amount of energy to their Australian tour later this year, which will kick off mid September.