PREMIERE: Believe in the power of love with Grand Oyster Palace’s There’s No Need To Hide

Are you still feeling the agitating strain of post-Valentine’s Day blues? Love is a crafty bastard to come by after all, and a harder one to keep when you’ve found it. But remember kids, affection isn’t limited to that one fabricated holiday, if there’s a guy or gal out there you dig get out there and give it your all. The last thing you want is to stay cooped up in your own mind. Perpetual shyness can be a bit of a drag after all, and as anyone who feels that way knows, it can be a real dampener when it comes to making that special connection. It’s a feeling a lot of people face, and one captured well by Grand Oyster Palace in their new single There’s No Need To Hide.

There's No Need To Hide

Are you a shy soul who is a romantic at heart? Have courage and take on the lessons of Grand Oyster Palace’s There’s No Need To Hide.

First off, if you are going to be taking dating advice from someone on the internet it should be the all-knowing Donny Benet (the man is a love machine [not that I’m speaking form personal experience]). Now that that bit of house keeping is out of the way, let’s talk about this woozy new single from GOP. Front man Dan Palace says of the song “There’s No Need To Hide’ was our first attempt at writing a pop song our way. Lyrically we based the theme on shyness, future love and fairy dust. The typical pop recipe.” For a first attempt the band have taken a pretty solid run at it.

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There’s No Need To Hide is the romance song for the Don Juan who is too shy to approach their beau. The warbled guitar and vocals mirror the shaky mindset of such a fellow. For anyone who is fan of Jay Watson’s GUM you’ll be frothing for this one. There’s an overwhelming charm that is laced throughout the track that is anchored in honesty. The journey of pursuing love is a perilous one, and the band capture that nervous energy with finesse.

What really works are the multiple instrumental stretches which gives There’s No Need To Hide a lot of flexibility. The oozing guitars occupy that space, giving the whole proceeding plenty of gusto and charisma. The band have nailed the pop that harkens back to the 70s and 80s. If you’re going to blast one song through a boombox outside the window of your loved one, it may as well be this one.

You can catch Grand Oyster Palace when they launch There’s No Need To Hide at the Brighton Up Bar on Saturday, February 27. You can find all the deets here.