Unpacking the emotional power of The Beths’ ‘Jump Rope Gazers’: A love song for the ages

Celebrating New Zealand Music Month by unpacking the emotional power of The Beths’ ‘Jump Rope Gazers’ indie pop masterpiece.

The rolling hills of New Zealand have proven to be fertile ground for some of the world’s most enchanting indie pop sounds, with bands like The Beths crafting genre-bending, ear-wormy tunes that feel at once distinctly local and universally resonant.

As New Zealand Music Month kicks off, there’s no better time to celebrate the Land of the Long White Cloud than with the best love song of all time: The Beths’ “Jump Rope Gazers”. The track, which serves as the title cut of the Auckland indie rockers’ second album, has taken on a life of its own since its release.

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Credit: Car Park Records

With its soaring melodies, relatable lyrics, and expert musicianship, “Jump Rope Gazers” is a powerful indie pop love song that captures the complexities of human connection, exploring the distance that can exist between people both physically and emotionally, while also serving as a testament to the enduring power of love and the ability of music to capture the most intimate aspects of the human experience.

It’s easy to see why “Jump Rope Gazers” has quickly become a fan favorite. The Beths’ NPR Tiny Desk concert, which featured a stunning clarinet solo from Benjamin Sinclair, helped to cement the song’s place in the indie rock canon. And when Phoebe Bridgers gushed about her love for The Beths during an interview with Charli XCX, (hell, there’s a subreddit with a photo of Bridgers watching the Beths on stage) it was clear that the band had struck a nerve with listeners around the world.

But what makes “Jump Rope Gazers” so special? For one thing, the song’s lyrics are incredibly relatable. At its core, “Jump Rope Gazers” is a song about the push and pull of a relationship. Vocalist Liz Stokes sings about the physical and emotional distance that can separate two people, even when they’re holding onto the same metaphorical jump rope.

Throughout the track, Stokes navigates the complex emotions that come with being in love. She admits to being afraid of the sting that comes with relationships, but also acknowledges that she’s loved this person the whole time. And in the final chorus, she resolves to give the relationship her best try, no matter what obstacles stand in the way.

Of course, it’s not just the lyrics that make “Jump Rope Gazers” such a standout track. The Beths’ trademark blend of indie rock and power pop is on full display here, with shimmering guitars, driving drums, and soaring harmonies that will get stuck in your head for days. It’s a song that begs to be played on repeat, and each listen reveals new layers of depth and meaning.

It’s no wonder that “Jump Rope Gazers” has become such a beloved track in the indie rock community. With its infectious melody, relatable lyrics, and expert musicianship, it’s a shining example of everything that makes The Beths such an exciting band to watch. So here’s to “Jump Rope Gazers”, the best love song of all time, and to The Beths, who continue to make some of the most vibrant and memorable indie rock music around.

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