PREMIERE: Projections, psychedelia and carelessness: Jump into Fresh Air, the debut video from Dives

Fresh Air is always good for the mind, body and soul. Same could be said about Dives’ latest music video. Dives’ debut single pushes the boundaries of art and music within the psychedelic community.

Featuring label co-founder/mate AJ The Aged One, this music video was made with creative input from artists Genevieve French (director/photography) and Alex Stevenson (70’s style over-head projection work).

dives band
Fresh Air
from Dives is a woozy dreamscape packed with soul baring lyricism and tranquil underwater tones that will set your mind adrift into a deep ocean of relaxation.

Lyrically, this song is truly exquisite and admirable for its honesty and simplicity in expressing day-to-day thoughts and emotions that I’m sure every one of us could resonate with. In the intro of the song, Dives confesses in a nonchalant tone that “I won’t lie, I haven’t been feeling the greatest.”

It’s understandable and relatable. The beauty about this song is he offers the solution for us to feel better, just by simply taking a breath of fresh air.

While this song and music video draws upon the aesthetics of 70’s psychedelic culture, in many ways it’s construction makes it quite an original experience. Caught in a head space between garage and the ocean, Dives creates a contemplative, psychedelic wet dream that leaves you entranced and dazed.

The gentle sound of bass tapping and trickling in the backdrop gives the song a sensual, old time feel as if you’re inside a smokey blues lounge. Combined with the overhead projections of dripping wet paint and the insides of numerous lava lamps, it creates an explosion of visually and sonically enriching material.

This entire composition naturally soothes your mind, body, and soul, leaving you at ease. The verses of the track are dark and brooding, reminiscent of a Tame Impala tune, but what sets it apart from other psychedelica is when the verses transition into the chorus.

The song explodes into a harmonious, jangly chorus line that sounds so delightfully cheerful but the truth is it’s another confession about doubt and anxiety when Dives whispers, “I have been wondering why you still love me?”

This song offers a thought-provoking message and pushes us to think about the less appealing thoughts in life. Even though these thoughts might be tough, there’s a really simple solution to overcoming it. If you’re looking for a song to guide you towards your inner peace in life, look no further. Let your heart march to the drumbeat of this song, it will certainly leave you feeling much lighter and carefree than you have before.

Yeah Nah Yeah continues to push the boundaries in the music scene through their exploration of psychedelia through both sound and colour. Can’t wait to hear and see what they’ll come up with next.

Dives is playing the Happy Mag Issue 4 Launch at The Botany View Hotel on April 13th. Hear Tom and Molly chat about the gig on The Daily Squeeze: