Austin Powell unveils his alluring and soulful new track No Vacancy

LA-based independent artist Austin Powell has just released a new single No Vacancy, dripping in soul-pop vibes and sensual vocals from both Abigail Barlow and the producer himself.

Austin Powell’s single No Vacancy drips with a sensual soul-pop class that sweeps you into the romance of a night alone with your lover.

Powell first broke onto the LA pop scene when he moved there at only 17 and released his EP Ink in 2017, a body of work detailing his struggle as a young independent artist trying to find his sound and personal identity. He’s also worked with Guatemalan DJ, Majurakk. The pair wrote All I See Is You together, then Majruakk re-worked the single Lover by Powell, continuing their collaborative friendship.

And now Powell has teamed up with young American talent Abigail Barlow to produce No Vacancy, a blissful soul-pop track that feels like a classier evolution of his sound. Sultry vocals lay over well-polished production, impressively executed by Powell in his own studio. This one is heavier in RnB vibes, and whilst we can hear whispers of a younger Justin Timberlake or Bruno Major, Powell has delivered a tune that honours its influences yet already feels like an addictive classic.

A sparse mix of synth lines and crisp beats leave space for the melodic vocals to sweep you away into the romance and allure of the song. This balance of sound allows Powell’s visceral emotion and lyrics to seep through the song so we have space to imagine “its half past three / no vacancy”. Listening, this just makes you want to run away with your lover and bunk down in a motel room, the neon No Vacancy sign the only light left outside.

Give it a listen above.