Australians are taking too many cheap, legal nangs, according to doctors

This just in, Australia has a nang problem. That is, on top of our alcohol, ecstasy, methamphetamine and weed problems. I’m seeing a trend here, do Australians just not know the meaning of “too much”?

A recent report from the ABC has advised against the damaging side effects of nitrous oxide canisters, which let’s face it, are probably more commonly used to get a brief high than to whip cream.

nangs australia

Are Australians getting on the nangs too much? As one of the only freely available ‘drugs’ on the market, it’s quite possible.

Taking too many nangs, like taking too much of any substance, is incredibly dangerous. That being said, there have been only two recorded deaths related to nitrous oxide since 2010.

Which pales in comparison to other narcotics, legal or illegal. Ecstasy (likely badly regulated, but that’s another story) accounts for at least ten times the Australians lost, not to mention there are entire hospitals dedicated to alcohol-related health and social problems.

Nangs aren’t something that should be taken flippantly, but maybe educating young Australians on safer use is a better strategy than scare tactics.

If you do want to take nangs, we recommend you do so with caution in your mind. Don’t have too many, and if you need to listen to some music, here’s a suggestion:

Via ABC.