Be lulled into deep meditation with this mixtape from Liminal, Sigur Rós’ side project

Liminal (made up of Jonsi from Sigur Rós, Alex Somers and Paul Corley) just released the second instalment of their ambient, “endless mixtape.”

“liminal is more than an ambient sigur rós mixtape curated by jónsi, alex somers and paul corley. liminal sees sigur rós as an eco-system.liminal aims to take the listener to a place neither here nor there, a “liminal” space. liminal will live as an ‘endless’ mixtape, always growing but never done…”

liminal Sigur Rós
Image: DIY Mag

Liminal released the second instalment in their ambient soundscape series, this time featuring releases from Jonsi’s alter-ego Frakkur, as well as works from Vatican Shadow, Ian Williams Craig and remixes from Alex Somers.

The second instalment includes the “first official digital release” from Jonsi’s earlier alter-ego Frakkur, as well as Vatican Shadow’s Yemeni Telephone Number (Excerpt), Ian William Craig’s Either Or (Edit), and remixes by Alex Somers amongst other works.

The group recently performed their repertoire, which included new songs, at David Lynch’s Festival of Destruction over the weekend.

They way liminal play their music is in a “Liminal Soundbath” – “mats were spread across the floor, with scented candles, light sculptures and fog to give the perception of a sonic bath, meant to help the audience achieve a sense of peace and calm,” according to Mxdwn’s review of the festival.

Listen to the second instalment below.