Bec Sandridge releases synth dream- ‘The Jetty’ featuring Andy Bull

Bec Sandridge’s new track The Jetty, is a personal and catchy number that’ll make your ears prick up and your head bop. 

The new-wave synth dream single The Jetty, is a beautiful and sombre depiction of lost love and a deteriorating relationship. But is there a silver lining? 

Picture that David Bowie’s suave and silky world view was blended with Lana Del rey’s deep rich tones, that’d be Bec Sandridge. The lyric of “Take a trip” places us right into her tenacious attitude and dream-pop grit. Her vocals are an ecstatic elastic tone that bend through the uneasiness and uncertainty of her relationship and comes out on the other side fearlessly albeit vulnerable and ready to head in whatever direction it ends up being. The chaser to her difficult love is a whole lot of synths and blistered electronic beats. Needless to say, we love it! 

Gig bec Sandridge
Credit: @gossamerworld

Inspired by a clumsy fall off a Jetty and into the waters of Naoshima, Japan, Sandridge felt this fall was the perfect metaphor for a collapsing relationship she was experiencing at the time. 

“My ex-partner fell in and I attempted to pull her out” She opened up about the fall.

“Hilariously, I also fell in (passports, phone, paper-money were all completely gone)… This felt like the perfect analogy for our relationship – losing ourselves and each-other, whilst trying to salvage every last water-damaged object that we had on us. I guess, this one asks the sea-sick question: ‘is there something (or someone) else out there?” she shares. 

Photoshoot bec
Credit: @ian.laidlaw

The restless yet catchy chorus attempts to shake off any claustrophobic and crammed feelings Sandridge had been holding on to, letting her soul run alongside the smooth70s synths. Andy Bulls harmonies and synths add the dazzling sparkle to the incredible track. 

“I was beyond honoured when he asked if he could sing on the track as well. I’ve been a big Andy Bull fan for a very long time and completely adore what he does vocally, lyrically and in particular, all of the synth sounds he uses. Dave (Jenkins Jr) had the genius idea that we make the track a Joni Mitchell-esque Snakes and Ladders duet whereby Andy kinda drops in and out of the second verse in a non-linear kinda of way – which I love. An old collaborator, Tony Buchen also did some additional production on the track, which was a nice full-circle moment…” Sandridge recalls the process. 

photoshoot Bec Sandridge
Credit: Bec Sandridge Instagram

Sandridge’s pop-topia powerhouse vocals are cranked through the mind-altered second verse. She’s more confident in getting away from her confusion and finding out what she wants. The lyrics “If we’re gonna run then, drop it at the Jetty” are sung in such an eloquent yet staccato attitude as the retrospective-sounding synths flood through. The urge for her to erupt unapologetically, emulates through the panning vocals and futuristic frequencies in the bridge and continues on in an unhinged meld of the anxious lyrics of the chorus and melodic synth hook. 

The Jetty has followed from Cost Of Love, which was released earlier this year and reminiscences on late 70s atmospheres with hook infused guitars, shuffling drums and of course Sandridge’s unforgettable voice. 

bec gig
Credit: @gossamerworld

Having just finished up her Australian tour for Cost Of Love, Sandridge announced last week that she’ll be popping over to the UK and Europe in September to play shows in London, Brighton, Glasgow and Amsterdam, as well as performing at the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg!

“I am excited to finally be taking these songs on the road with a new band! The calibre of musicians that I’m working with feels like such an honour!” She shares.  “All of the new songs make me want to dance but they’ve also got that meaty, emotional edge to them which I can’t wait to hear in a live setting.”  She excitedly reveals.

Check out The Jetty below: